Beyond Books

Extra Curricular Activities

Inter-house-Competitions are held to encourage students to participate in various academic and sports events, both at the regional and national ICSE levels. Dancing, Skating, Singing and Music is also encouraged as a extra-curricular activities for the children

The students undergo extensive training programs in extra-curricular activities. Trained and supported by the school staff, students are encouraged to participate in various competitions and examinations.

Some of the competitions the Emmaus Swiss School students have participated and excelled in are

IGSC Scholarship Exam: This exam is conducted by The Institute of General Studies for children, Kochi.

Essay Writing and Online Drawing Competition: This was conducted by - Chennai.

National Cyber Olympiad: This is an annual affair and is conducted by The Science Olympiad Foundation, New Delhi. In this Olympiad, students have a chance to match their wits and brains with other students all across the Nation.

Annual All India UN Information Test: This is a test which is conducted by the UN Schools Organization of India - New Delhi

National Green Corporation club forms an integral part of Emmaus Swiss Hospital School's commitment to the environment. The senior member students join forces with other students to address issues of the environment by conducting workshops and attending exhibitions.

Emmaus Swiss Hospital School has earned the recognition as a leading school in this field, offering its students a variety of activities that extend student's learning, enhance exam performance and complement the school's community ethos.